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Game Features

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Дата открытия: 05 мая 2023 / 20:00 (+3 GMT)

Рейты сервера:

  • ・EXP / SP - x20
  • ・Adena - x3
  • ・Drop - x2
  • ・Spoil - x1

Общие характеристики:

  • ・Игровая версия: Essence Assassin
  • ・Время сервера: +3 GMT
  • ・Л-монеты падают по времени (раз в 30 секунд), количество увеличивается с уровнем персонажа
  • ・Ограничение 1 игровое окно на ПК
  • ・Заточка Аден Оружия +16
  • ・Зелья Маны (500 мп раз в 20 секунд)
  • ・Вместимость клана: Максимум 100 игроков
  • ・Ежедневная проверка посещаемости - заходите ежедневно и получайте награды!
  • ・Сезонный Пропуск Каждый Месяц - охотьтесь на монстров и получайте эксклюзивные предметы!
  • ・Полная система питомцев, с возможностью торговли ожерельями для питомцев.
  • ・Режим оффлайн-торговли - запустите свой магазин и просто выйдите из игры.
  • ・Обзор частных магазинов - поиск всех частных магазинов из любой точки карты
  • ・Новая VIP система для игроков.
  • ・Система всемирной торговли.
Epic and
Raid Bosses

Epic Bosses:

  • ・Core: 07:30, 19:30
  • ・Orfen: 08:30, 20:30
  • ・Queen ant: 8:50, 20:50
  • ・Baium: 10:30, 21:30
  • ・Balok: 20:00
  • ・Anakim: Tuesday, 21:00
  • ・Lilith: Thursday, 21:00
  • ・Antharas: Sunday, 22:00 to 23:00

Chaotic Raid Bosses Every day, 21:00 (server time)


Event list:

  • ・Стартовая гонка для кланов.
  • ・Стартовая гонка лидеров.
  • ・Стартовая гонка рас.
  • ・Ивент со старта - Золотое Колесо

Более подробную информацию вы можете прочитать у нас в дискорде

Discord Community
The game
Unique features
  • Enhanced EXP Rates Enhanced EXP Rates
  • Modern Epic Bosses Modern Epic Bosses
  • In-game Shop for  Balance In-game Shop for Balance
  • Free Clan DKP System Free Clan DKP System
  • The Aden The Aden
We set up server rates so that each player can stay comfortable. Truly, we can say with confidence that this is the first well-thought-out Essence pvp server, with a stable economy and smooth development.
We have fixed time for the epic bosses respawn. You no longer have to drop everything and run to the clan event, you will always know when your team needs you.
Our economy is built in such a way that even a beginner can get items that are useful for all server players. Farm locations start at lvl 76 - Valley of the Lizards.
Aden.Games has implemented a free DKP system for clans It allows you to earn clan events points and then fairly distribute rewards among clan members.
Our project is rich in innovations: new dungeons, epic bosses, new hunting locations. You can read about all this in our Discord community.
Features Highlight
  • Crusader Content 1

    Advanced Functionality

    Discord bot / Telegram bot - will always keep you updated on the status of your character. Instant messages about death, disconnection, boss appearance.

  • Crusader Content 2

    New Epic Bosses

    Everyone are tired of the old bosses, on our project, you can enjoy three new world bosses: Beams, Syrex, Barakiel.

  • Crusader Content 3

    Devil Square

    Our unique development, a daily dungeon for groups of 2 to 5 people. Dive into the crazy cube, which will give you the opportunity to go through 16 waves of hell and get legendary rewards.

  • Crusader Content 4

    New Hunting Zones

    We have implemented several new hunting zones where you can get items necessary for character development: Dye Powder, Magical Tablets, Elixir Powder, etc.

  • Crusader Content 5

    New items from Crusader

    Although we are opening our project on the Assassin chronicles, we have added new epic weapons and puppets from the Crusader chronicles.

  • Crusader Content 6

    New skills from Assassin

    Almost all the new skills from the Assassin chronicles have been implemented on Aden.Games. Choose any of the updated classes and join the battle!

  • Crusader Content 101 Advanced Functionality
  • Crusader Content 202 New Epic Bosses
  • Crusader Content 303 The Devil Square
  • Crusader Content 404 New Hunting Zones
  • Crusader Content 505 Crusader Items
  • Crusader Content 606 Crusader Skills


Everything to start

If you don't have any Lineage 2 Assasin client, then download full client from the links below.

If you already have a Lineage 2 client, then download updater and install it in the root folder of the game.